“The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.”


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     Library Services

  • The library offers the following services at the Information/Circulation counter and the computer lab.

1.0) Lending Services

1.0.1. This entails the borrowing and returning of library books and other information resources        available.

1.0.2. This facilitates the equitable circulation of information resources among all users.

1.0.3. Books are available on:

    • short loan basis (3 hours)
    • long loan basis

1.2) Lending Regulations

1.2.1. Students and staff of MNUC should register with the library.

1.2.2. Only registered users can borrow information materials.

1.2.3. They MUST produce their identification card before borrowing.

1.2.4. Number of books to be borrowed:

i) Undergraduate students–2 books(for 2 weeks)

ii) Postgraduate students–4 books (for 4 weeks)

iii) Grade I-IV – 2 books (for 2 weeks)

iv) Grade A-F – 3 books (for 2 weeks)

v) Academic Staff– 4 books (for 4 weeks)

Academic staff can renew borrowed items once upon request.

Information materials borrowed and not returned on the due date will be charged as follows:

  • Long loan Kshs. 5/= per book per day
  • Short loan Kshs. 5/= per hour
  • Lost or mutilated information materials on loan will be replaced at the market cost of the information materials plus Kshs.500/= processing charges.

1.3.) Recall of Materials on Loan

The Librarian may recall any information materials on loan from a user by a notice which shall specify the return of the same. If a user does not return the item as specified, He/ She shall incur a fine of Kshs.5/= per book per day. A short loan book incurs a fine of Kshs. 5/= per hour.

2.1) ICT Services

The library is equipped with ICT infrastructure to facilitate access to information resources and services.

3.1) Library Online Catalogue

The library has an online catalogue to search the information resources held in the library including, print books, e-journals, and e-books. This catalogue is updated continuously to reflect the complete library holding. It is accessible at: http://maktaba.mnu.ac.ke

4.1) Access to E-resources

The library subscribes to e-books and e-journals which can be accessed online through the library’s e-resources link. http://maktaba.mnu.ac.ke

and MyLOFT link:

These resources are accessible within and off campus. For one to access e-resources one has to self-register using one’s corporate email and admission number. For more information on e-resources registration, contact the library staff.

How to Access Information Resources

The information materials in the library are arranged using a conventional classification scheme known as the Library of Congress classification scheme (LC) for ease of retrieval.

5.1) Reading Areas

The library has ample reading and a conducive environment for study and research. These include the General secure reading area and computer lab.